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Fading from the Public Mind?

LaLaLand/MadoffPonzischeme.jpgI'd been thinking about this image ever since I first heard about this whole thing on the news. Don't ask me why but every time I heard talk about this fiasco this popped into my head. I'm not real clear on what exactly a ponzi scheme is, I'm not even sure I'm spelling it correctly, but it is now a permanent part of my vocabulary. Thanks, Bernie. What really ticks me off is this guy took all that money and doesn't really seem very remorseful. And while he's an easy target to vilify, isn't he just one or two steps ahead of so many of the other business executives and individuals we hear about in the news so frequently? 

I think the whole system is extremely messed up and Mr. Madoff is just one example of how wrong things have gone. If we aren't careful we may be looking back and thinking what he did really wasn't so bad. I hope we never get to that point.

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